Currently as I write this, I’m sitting in an open house on a Sunday morning, following another open house I did on Saturday afternoon of the same weekend. I was up at 6am this morning (6:10 if I’m being really honest, but hey…it’s still progress). My roomate heard me up and couldn’t sleep from being out at his holiday party the night before and the first thing he said was something along the lines of “dude, what are you doing awake, I’ve never seen you up this early”…. and while 6am is pretty early on a Sunday, he was referring to seeing me awake that early in general because normally throughout the work week he leaves at 7am and I’m still in bed… I would actually sleep in until about 8:30am or 9am most days during the work week and on weekends anywhere from 11am-2pm… so its no wonder he was surprised. 


So Why Was I up so Early on a Sunday? 

The answer comes from a shift: a shift in mindset, a shift in careers, a shift in attitude, a shift in what I want out of my life. 

For years I have just been coasting though work….I bounced around various companies, always looking for something and being dissatisfied with each opportunity. It was hardly, to never the employers fault…its just that the opportunities were never right. I wasn’t aware that the reason I was always dissatisfied with work was because I was always working for someone else. I always thought it was the company, the manager, or the pay. I fell into the mindset that as long as I increase my salary, I was moving up. That would be my main focus: salary, and management…management in the sense that I wanted to be left alone…I didn’t want to be micro managed. After-all, thats what attracted me to sales in the first place…being able to work your own hours; the feel of running your own business; what you put in is what you get out.  So when I had a boss I didn’t like or a company that had a way of managing their employee’s that I didn’t agree with, I would immediately start looking for the next opportunity. I also never felt like I was accomplishing much.…I was selling a product for someone, getting paid to do it….and that was it. That’s the employer/employee agreement.. and its fine; many people are satisfied with that and should be (find and define what makes YOU happy…listen to episode 5 of my podcast, my guest gives great insight on that…the link is posted below) ….but…no matter how big my salary became, my motivation lacked….like I said, I was coasting. It was only after continuous dissatisfaction, gradual discussions with friends, listening to podcasts,  audiobooks & youtube videos that I started to understand that what I was looking for was to be an entrepenuer. I wanted to build something that I could truly be proud of, take with me anywhere I went, provide a lifestyle that made me a happier person, and truly service to others. 

So Why Real Estate? 

Real Estate gives me the opportunity to do just that. I’m making people happy while building my own brand, reputation & business as opposed to someone else’s. I’m selling a product that will truly benefit my clients: a new home where they’ll create many memories,  an investment  that could change their lives and secure their future, a vacation spot where they enjoy the amazing Chicago summersI now live and work with a purpose. Thats why I’ve gone from working 5 days a week to 7….thats why I’m up early in the morning, eager and motivated…thats why since I’ve started the Gilchriest Realty Group with Keller Williams Chicago Lincoln Park, I’ve gone to bed every night happy. 

I write this first blog post with gratitude and enthusiasm. Gratitude to my past employers, managers, co-workers, and mentors I’ve had to date. I’m grateful for the lessons, grateful for the opportunities presented, and the insight that led me to this path. I would have never had the clarity  this is where I’m supposed to be if it wasn’t for the experiences. Thank you. 

Enthusiasm for the people I work with, the business I’m building, the new mentors that have come into my life, and the ones that have stayed with me and continue to encourage me. Thank you!!!

I’m extremely excited to continue to service and keep the Chicago real estate market moving and look forward to working with all of you!!! If you ever need any help with anything real estate related, please do not hesitate to call, text, or email! 

– Kevin Gilchriest

Link to the referenced episode 5 of Capture the Conversation with Kevin Gilchriest:
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