My co worker shared a touching post earlier this week that encouraged me to dust off this amazing tool that has been sitting on my desk for months without being opened. “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferriss is a “collection of recipes” from high performers that Tim has had the opportunity to be engaged with over the years. It gives us the chance to crack it open and stand on the shoulders of giants. The beauty of this book, is that you can pick and choose, what you want to learn each time you decide to read it, and from who. Each lesson is usually only a few pages…but there’s gold in each and every one. Today marks my first completed week of “Sober October” ….my friend Mike and I decided to do this after a handful of our favorite comedians off “the Joe Rogan Experience” started the trend and encouraged their fans to do the same; so when I saw my co-workers post about the power and helpful nature of the book: how it can bring you what you need depending on what is going on in your life, or your current state of mind, I went into the glossary to look for a lesson to read, and came across “The Dickens Process – What are your Limiting Beliefs Costing You? – page 449”. 

As shared in this section, “The Dickens Process” is an exercise provided at Tony Robbins’s Unleash the Power Within event and is related to a A Christmas Carol, written by Charles Dickens. Just like Scrooge is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and the Dickens Process, you’re forced to examine your limiting beliefs, what they cost you in the past, what each is costing you in the present, and what each will cost you in the the future. 

While I haven’t gone to a Tony Robbins seminar (yet), just the simple action of opening this resource and reading these three pages forced me to think and go through this exercise and I realized that my top limiting belief was that “I have more time”. I’m a recovering time waster. Instead of taking action NOW in the write that new blog post, record that new podcast, organize that client database, post those real estate ads, start eating healthy, getting back into a consistent workout routine..I would come home from a long day, crack open a beer or bottle of wine, and watch a podcast or something on Netflix, because “I have more time: my bank account is full, I can get started tomorrow…and will get started tomorrow…its no big deal…I’m young, my metabolism is still fast enough to kick in and turn around quick results”. Than I look at my present, and I’m 235 lbs (well, I was last week before sober October) when I’m supposed to be walking around at 205-210 when I’m at my healthiest, and my bank account is not comfortably full. If I keep the limiting belief that “I have more time”…. the future is easy, yet painful to picture. Hence….Sober October.

Our bad habits can be changed, and our failures can be lessons if we choose to stare the darkness in the face, and take action on what we need and have to do to change. We just have to decide. Urgency is the life lesson I’ve taken away from this…I don’t have more time, and I never will again. The results from just one week are motivating me to keep going down this new path. I’ve never felt better in my entire life AND IT’S ONLY BEEN ONE WEEK. 

What are your limiting beliefs? What are they costing you? I encourage everyone to get their own copy of “Tools of Titans”…the Dickens Process is only one of hundreds of lessons that Tim has collected from various experts over the years…and the return for the investment of $28.00 should be a no brain-er. 

– Kevin Gilchriest
Real Estate Broker 
Podcast Host